Introducing DataScapR

DataScapR is a MaxMSP toolbox for stock market sonification. The toolbox allows you to use historical and real-time data to create musical material or drive musical processes. While DataScapR offers an out-of-the-box operation, the modular nature makes it very easy to extend the patches as you wish. DataScapR is available for download and comes with a comprehensive manual as well as documentation within the patchers.


DataScapR available for download

You can download the DataScapR toolbox here. The zip file contains all patches and JAVA/JS objects. The Bach framework and the ejies objects have to be downloaded on the following website:

DataScapR is written to be used in Max 6. When Bach will be compatible with Max 7, a new version will be released. If you have used DataScapR, please come back and fill in the survey. The link is included in the DataScapR folder.