Some news

I have been focusing on other work lately and did not use DataScapR. I was using it today and found out that the data download in the score-creation module does not work properly. Furthermore, the blue background seems not to be consistent on other computers.

To solve this, I will look at the Javascript file for the data download and I will hardcode the blue background in all patches. If you find other things that you think need improvement, please leave a comment. As soon as I am ready, I will upload the updated version.

If you want to download historical datasets, you can go to Yahoo Finance and look up the data and save them from there. The added advantage is that you can simply put the maximum timerange (no need to look up when a stock was floated the first time at the exchange).

UPDATE 2: So it seems that Yahoo has stopped access to the data via their API. I am looking at a new way to get the data. I will keep you posted.

You can still download the toolbox here


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