DataScapR Update

Since releasing DataScapR, I have been working to improve performance and debug it. There were some things that I had not foreseen which gave errors but should be solved now. the improvements are as follows:

  1. Improved list processing in the score creation. You can now use very long datasets with ore than 1000 rows. Of course it will take a few seconds to process such lists but stability has been improved so it does not crash anymore.
  2. Addition of MIDI playback in the score creation. This allows you to hear the rolls and score and supports microtonality.
  3. In all three components: addition of menu’s so you can easily find a company to track. Of course you can still set the symbol manually. Watch out: over time, some symbols will become obsolete so check if you are receiving the data you want.
  4. Cosmetic changes: to make the look more consistent and prepare for Max 7, all menu’s have sharp corners. Colours also have been made more consistent over the whole toolbox. In the score creation patch I moved the graphical output to a separate tab so you have more space to see things clearly. In the realtime patch, I moved the message boxes containing the data to the lower side of the window.
  5. The patcher level has been cleaned up: I have replaced patch cords with send/receive objects to avoid cluttering. This improves legibility and creates function modules.
  6. I added a receive patch containing the receive objects for the Realtime component so you can use them in your own patches. this patch is located in the dependencies folder.

The updated version is available here. I hope you enjoy it. If you find any bugs, please let me know.


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